Where do you Service?
What are the jobs you do?
If I need someone to fix up light bulb / loose hinges / leaking tap...will you send someone skilled and reliable?
What are your charges?
How many times can I call in a year?
What constitutes a call — is it the visit to the house Or each job that is done in the house?
What are your charges for each visit?
Who pays for the materials?
Who will get the materials?
I don't want to buy the materials. Can you do that for me?
What kind of materials will you buy? Are there ISI certified (meaning quality products or cheap products)?
Do you have a list of materials (branded or otherwise) that you can source for me... complete with their costs?
Are you working all days of the week?
What are your timings? When can you send someone for the servicing?
Does it include the materials costs like bulb, wires, nails, etc.?
If I am not satisfied with your service will I get my money back?
Can I log my service request from the website?
How do I pay ?
How will I come to know if I schedule the appointment through website?
How can I reschedule my appointment?