Benefits of Home Work membership

Ranges of Services /   Safety and Security / Convenience / Satisfaction Guarantee / Quality of Services / Great Value for Money

Annual / Half Yearly / Quarterly Membership and One time covers the Electrical, Carpentry and Plumbing

 Electricals covers the following

Electrical outlet doesn’t work Plugs fall out of Receptacle
Electrical outlet sparks Lights switch plates
Flickering lights Power and extension
On gain/ off gain recessed lights Main electrical panel
Appliances cause the circuit breaker to trip Fuses related
Frequent light bulb burnout Fan not working
Electric Meter Ceiling fan making noise
Wires Common electrical issues
Main Panel box Power supply
Ground Fault circuit interrupter outlets Water Heaters/ Geysers switches issues
Wall switches

Carpentry covers the following

Maintaining and repairing doors Laminate flooring issue
Maintaining and repairing windows Repairing hardwood floors
Repairing a sticking entry doors Repairing a window sash
Repairing Dents Fixing common kid disasters
Squeaky hinges Tighten and distress chair
Stopping air leaks Repair carpet
Replacing doorways Repair wicker furniture
Installing a weather board Wooden staircase treads issue
Replacing a threshold Adjusting doors and hinges
Crown molding Wooden sofa related
Common carpentry Chair button repair
Shelf issue

Plumbing covers the following

Low water pressure Replacing a toilet fill valve
Slow draining sink Replacing a toilet flapper
Running toilet Replacing a leaky flush valve
Slow draining tub Jammed garbage disposal
Plunging a blocked sink Cleaning clogged toilet jets
Water alarm Under sink shut off valve
Flexible water supply lines Pressure Booster pumps
Water pressure regulator capping a water pipe
Push fit Fittings Extra water supply line
Common plumbing problems Leaking taps

Others cover 23 services which are serviced by the third party

Interior Decorators Home Cleaning / Post Party Cleanup
Pest Control Car Cleaning / Spa
Movers & Packers Computer Services & Repairs
Property Assistance Painting
Electronic Repair Civil Work
AC / Fridge Maintenance & Repairs Water Purifier
Chimney / Gas stoves Water Proofing
Window Cleaning / Fascade Cleaning Event Management /Party
Cakes & Flowers Fabrications
Brahmins Groceries
Health Spring Bawarchy